help to buy a car

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Contact a local mechanic in your area for help. Mechanics may have cars that need work that have been abandoned in their care. You may be able to work with them to transfer the title of the car from the owner and get the needed repairs completed at little or no cost..

There are tons of myths about how to get the best deal when you buy a car, and many of them have to do with “timing” your purchase: What day of the week is.

It is a program that offers small loans on a short term basis – up to $8000 – to help people buy a car. They also provide some finance- related education to help folks get on solid groundk and be less apt to get taken in by bad deals.

Buying a car is the largest purchase people typically make besides. Get weekly email updates, including expert advice to help you Live.

Apply For A Charity car people like you, people in need, are our sole reason for existing. Our entire charitable network was developed to help others-other individuals, other social service groups, communities, schools, and other nonprofits.

News & Tips When Buying a Car. Breaking stories and useful tips from experts help you shop smart. Car-Buying Advice. First-timers and veterans shopping new or used cars: know what to.

I am a Grandmother raising 3 grandchildren. My transmission just went out on my car. My husband died last yr and was our provider. I have severe back problems and cannot work. I am retired. I need some help on buying a car. I can buy one but need a low monthly payment. I am on a fixed income. I am reliable and can pay a low price for a car.

Buying a Used Subaru Forester: Everything You Need to Know The Subaru Forester makes a great used car buy regardless of generation, although some earlier models do have issues. Car Buying Buying a Used Toyota Highlander: Everything You Need to Know For frugal families on the go, a used toyota highlander offers safety and comfort in an SUV.